• Light Treads is dedicated to creating shoes that emphasize foot health and environmental consciousness, providing comfort for diverse users ranging from school children to long-term wearers in occupational settings. Our shoes are meticulously designed with a focus on ethical practices and sustainability.


    Our sustainability goal is to replace virgin leather with our innovative renewable materials. Hence, the metrics below are compared against typical cow leather shoes.

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lower carbon emissions by


The cattle industry is one of the leading greenhouse gas emissions globally. Since we use upcycled waste from tannery and factory floors, we only emit a fraction of what traditional leather would.

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Since there is no tanning involved in our leather, there is no toxic chemicals nor wastewater untreated in our production process. Instead, we reuse 95% of our minimal water use back into our production processes.

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Key materials used in our shoes include post-consumer plastics, leather waste from factory & tannery floors that were destined for the landfills. Approximately 9 plastic bottles + 2 square ft of leather waste is repurposed per pair.

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  • Credentials

    At Light Treads, we are proud to say that our footwear has obtained two important certifications: Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Carbon Disclosure Standard (CDS). These certifications are a testament to our commitment to sustainability, as they ensure that our shoes are made with recycled materials and have a lower carbon footprint. We will continue to prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our business as we work towards a more sustainable future.