Made for Asian Feet

With over 50 years experience in shoe-making, we have the expertise to craft shoes that are comfortable, supportive & long-lasting. Our shoes are made with innovative, planet-friendly materials with the support you need.

Our uniform shoes are crafted with orthopedic insoles co-developed by medical experts! We provide extra comfort for your feet and enhanced foot health!

  • Did you know that slip and fall accidents have the highest chance of resulting in work injuries?

    Past analysis of workers' compensation data from a leading American insurance company revealed that slip and fall accidents pose a substantial threat, causing injuries to workers across various industries (Leamon & Murphy, 1995).

    Click to learn how to effectively prevent it 
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We are proud to be a part of the support from the DBS Foundation and Brands for Good. Grants and support from recognized foundations drive our mission towards impactful sustainability.

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