EEGO™ insoles

    Discover the EEGO™ insoles – expertly crafted by podiatrists and physiotherapists for ultimate comfort and foot health! The innovative technology provides unmatched support, alleviating discomfort and fatigue with every step.

    EEGO arch support design will help reduce the strain on your arches. As an addition to controlling the heel the added benefits of extra arch support can really help to prevent those tired feet at the end of the day.



    Brock is an Australian trained and registered Podiatrist with his main focus on sports injury management, biomechanics and orthotic insoles.

    Brock has practiced as a Podiatrist for 17 years and has worked with top athletes from Australia and Hong Kong. Brock continues to work closely with athletes from the Hong Kong Ballet, Hong Kong Rugby, Hong Kong Premier League and top triathlon clubs.


    Owner PhysioCentral & Co-Founder EEGO


    Justin has over 25 years of physiotherapy experience dealing with everyone from children to elite athletes. This has taken him to Rugby 7’s World Cups, The Asian Games, The World Games and The East Asian Games. He has. A keen interest in athletic performance sports injuries and their rehabilitation. After owning PhysioCentral for more than 20 years and working closely with Podiatrist Brock Healy, Justin Co_Founded EEGO footwear. A brand of flip flops that help to control the feet and make those days in the sun or just cruising around town, more comfortable.

    Justin is excited to be teaming up with Kibo to bring that comfort and control to their new line of footwear to help with growing feet when they need it most.